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Wednesday, July 17, 2024
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Bentari, a young African boy, plays on a derelict German tank in a small savanna at dawn. The gentle breeze stops. The early grazers turn to stone. Suddenly, a shot rings out sending animals and birds to flight. The boy sees his father shot by intruders and plummet from a treetop along the grassy plain’s edge. The Mbara people have lived in isolation for centuries. Due to their remote homeland, the Belgians and other intruders leave them mostly alone. Not so, a German expedition in 1943 that discovers exactly what they seek, a treasure big enough to fund the desperate Third Reich. Only Bentari’s primitive tribe is there to protect it.

Fly with Bentari, the swift climber. See the forest and plains of Africa in magnificent but deadly beauty. Witness the war that pits a tribe’s ancient ways against a global power bearing machine guns and grenades. His story captivates you. And the young hero Bentari captures your heart.

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